Why a Family Portrait by Dan McMahon Photography

Why you should have Dan McMcahon in Shoreview create your family portrait.

A family in the woods.

Go Beyond the Ordinary

It all starts with fun.

Unlike a lot of studios where you are kept waiting and then rushed in and pushed around into unconfortable poses your experience here will be completely different. You will have a good time and it will show in the portraits. We schedule enough time so everyone can relax. We photograph at locations of your choice instead of forcing you to come to us and yes even dad, who didn't really want to come will enjoy the experience.

What makes Dan McMahon Photography different from other studios is our ability to not show not just what you look like but to capture your real family. I have three children of my own and I am used to working with kids. Let's face it, little kids don't really care if you get a great portrait or not. But they do want to have fun, they liked to be entertained and are willing to help out. (Sounds a lot like big kids too).

It takes a lot more than a digital camera to make a great family portrait. Each person in the portrait must look great as an individual and yet the group must flow and fit together. Take a look at the images on this website. Everyone looks great if viewed indivudually and they all look great together. And you can see they were having a good time!


Shoreview, Minnesota