Celebrate Mothers


With Mothers Day approaching it got me thinking. When I was a kid I remember a time when our television was in the shop for repair. No internet back then, no friends around, nothing to do. I remember my mom spending all evening reading books to us and playing games. I still recall cuddling up on the couch as she read to us. I wish I had a picture of that. I wish I had a picture of just me and my mom.

Will your kids wish the same thing? I know moms today are always taking cell phone pictures of their kids but years from now when they look at those pictures are they going to wonder-Where's Mom? She was behind the camera. 

Don't be invisible in their childhood photos.

I have an assignment for you. Try it-dare you. Without looking at any old photos, try to imagine your children 2-3 years ago.  Now look, what are they wearing? How were their features back then? Now, what did you love MOST about them at that age? You can’t be vague here. If it was their laugh - what did it sound like?

I’m guessing your memories are all mashed together, and you can’t remember specific details. The memories are there, but you can’t seem to get them out. Now bring out a photo or a journal entry, and the memories will FLOOD back! We all need these prompts to open the floodgates of memories. Photographs are great. Written words are great.

But even more powerful? Are your hand-written words mixed with a photograph.Find out more about this concept and our Celebrate Mother’s Project here: (LEARN MORE)