The Reason

For a large part these portraits are the reason I do what I do. Both of these were taken many years ago and yet they both still hang on my walls. This first one, with Dan reading to his brothers hangs in my dining room.

Story Time.jpg

This second portrait hangs in my bedroom. It is one of the first things I see when I wake up in the morning. I still remember the day it was created. Dan and Chris (the two on ends were to be barefoot and standing in the water. They refused to get their feet wet since the water was cold. Mike, in the middle, had long pants and shoes on. He was supposed to sit on the log and stay dry. He plopped himself right in water. Dan is holding onto his brother to keep him under control and Chris, always independent, isn't worried. I'm freezing my own legs in the water and Mom is off to the left yelling at the boys trying to get them to cooperate.

Kids in water.jpg

They are all grown up now, all married and two with kids of their own. They will never look like this again. AND YET, I can recall this time in their lives and enjoy these portraits every day. It's because I made an effort to capture this time and hung the portraits on my walls. The amount of enjoyment I have gotten from these portraits far out weighs the time and cost it took to create them. This is what I want for you! Memories that you can enjoy everyday and treasure forever.