How much do Senior Portraits it cost?

Information on the cost of senior portraits.

Centennial High School Senior portrait

You Can Afford Dan McMahon's Quality.

What you pay for your portrait is important. But what you get for
what you pay is even more important. That's what value is, and
why you always get more than your money's worth at
Dan McMahon Photography.

Getting exactly the portraits you want is a big deal to us. What is it that makes Dan McMahon Photography's senior portraits such a good deal? First, you get to determine the exact number of photographs you will need: there are no minimim orders. Some studios try to make you buy one of their packages to fit your needs. We think it should be the other way around. If you want one photo for yourself, a different one for Grandma and some wallets for your friends, you can get just that. If you need lots of images for yourself and to give away, that’s what you can get.


Ala Carte portraits are available individually from $57 for 8x10's and $44 for 5x7's but our special packages groupings can drastically cut your cost per photograph. Packages start at $247.00

No Cost extras. Some studios advertise what seems like a low price, but what they don't tell you about are all the "extra" charges for things like retouching (as if that was something you didn't want!) Included with every portrait are the important things you often pay extra for at other studios (or aren't even available). Each of your poses is skillfully retouched to remove unwanted blemishes, then is carefully mounted to a durable art board backing and gold edged for an elegant look.

The choice you make right now is very important. Ten years from now, you probably won’t remember your photographer’s name, or what day of the week your session was on, or even how much you paid for your photographs. But you will still have your photographs to look at, as a daily reminder of some of the best days of your life. The choice you make for your photographer today will determine whether you smile or cringe when you look at your portraits for the rest of your life. Make the right choice. Choose Dan McMahon.


Shoreview, Minnesota