What is a childs portrait session like?

What is a Dan McMahon children's session like.

Three kids on a lakeshore.

What's it like for your children to be photographed by
Dan McMahon?

In a word - FUN!

I have no problem acting like a child. Ask my wife…
I connect, relate and respond to children. Some say I’m immature, I say I'm just a kid at heart, while others speak the truth….I’m good with kids

You’ll notice the difference right from the start. As parents we've all been there. You spend all that time getting your children dressed and ready and out the door. (Wipe that face off one more time). Then you show up for the appointment and they are running behind. The kids get antsy (I told you to just sit there and stop messing with your sister). The kids are intimidated by this stranger telling them what to do. (I thought you weren't supposed to talk to strangers). The session is a mess and you only order pictures because they are the only thing you have to choose from and not because they are what you want.

It will all be different with Dan McMahon. First of all we schedule enough time so you will not be rushed and when you first arrive we take the time to find out what you really have in mind and your children get some time to settle in and get to know us. We work with them, play with them, cajole them, (and yes, sometimes let you bribe them) all the time capturing their expessions and reactions. And if your scheduled day just isn't good for them (they wake up not feeling well or not having slept well) we simply reschedule to another time at no cost to you.

The most important part of your childs portrait is that we capture not just what they look like but what they are like. To do that I combine 25 years of experience photographing children, my own experience raising three boys and the fact that I'm still a kid at heart and its easy to see why your children and Dan McMahon make the unbeatabel combination for portraits you will treasure for the rest of your life.


Shoreview, Minnesota