Family Portrait Information

Information of what family portrait sessions are like, what makes a great senior portrait and what family portraits cost.

Go Way Beyond The Ordinary

Unique looks, creative imagery and a fun experience separate Dan McMahon from the rest.

                                                                          Questions Families Ask

It all starts with fun. Family portraits don't have to be a boring, tedious experience, You want to have fun, I want to have fun - let's have fun. We can create your portraits in the studio inside or out, at a nearby park or at your home or other location that is special to you.

What makes Dan McMahon Photography different from any other studio is their ability to show not just what you look like, but to capture the real "you". We'll explore diffrent sides of your personality to create a true portrayal of you that exceeds your wildest expectations.


     It takes a lot more than a digital camera to make a creative portrait. The lighting must be just right, the posing comfortable, with each member of the family looking great, backgrounds that add to rather than distract from the family and clothing that is coordinated rather than



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