Children's Portrait Information

Information about children's portraiture including what a child's portrait session is like, what a great portrait looks like and the cost of children's portraits.

Go Way Beyond The Ordinary

Unique looks, creative imagery and a fun experience separate Dan McMahon from the rest.

                                                                          Questions Parents Ask

It all starts with fun. Let's face it children really don't care if you get great portraits of them or not. But they do like to have fun, they like to help out and they like to be entertained. My wife always says I'm like a big kid. I say I'll be all grown up when I'm 76! I love photographing kids because I get to play, they have fun and you get great portraits.

What makes Dan McMahon Photography different is that you're not stessed. I schedule enough time so if your child needs a little time to get used to me and what we are doing, it's OK. And if it just isn't a good day for your little guy we just reschedule another time.


     It takes a lot more than a digital camera to make a creative portrait. It takes time, patience and a willingness to have fun while at the same time watching the light, the setting and the timing to capture the best moment.



Shoreview, Minnesota